Life In The Ted Lane

Episode Three: Disney and a new family member

July 09, 2022 Ted Harris Season 1 Episode 3
Episode Three: Disney and a new family member
Life In The Ted Lane
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Life In The Ted Lane
Episode Three: Disney and a new family member
Jul 09, 2022 Season 1 Episode 3
Ted Harris

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In this very special episode, Ted and Lindsay went to Walt Disney World! Learn all about Disney in 1976 and Disney today, plus surviving Disney with autism, Jim Henson's epic magnum opus, and the surprise waiting for us when we came home.
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If You Had Wings
Kim Turner is the best travel agent ever! Visit her at Pixie and Pan Vacations.
Hosted by Ted Harris and Lindsay Harris Friel
music by Vincent Friel
dialogue  editing by Ted Harris 
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Send us a text message to say hi! We’d love to hear from you.

In this very special episode, Ted and Lindsay went to Walt Disney World! Learn all about Disney in 1976 and Disney today, plus surviving Disney with autism, Jim Henson's epic magnum opus, and the surprise waiting for us when we came home.
Transcript available on our Buzzsprout website
If You Had Wings
Kim Turner is the best travel agent ever! Visit her at Pixie and Pan Vacations.
Hosted by Ted Harris and Lindsay Harris Friel
music by Vincent Friel
dialogue  editing by Ted Harris 
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May your life be filled with magic!

Life In The Ted Lane episode 3

Ted: Hello and welcome to another episode of life in the Ted lane. I'm Ted Harris. Your host here. This is the Laurel next to my Hardy Lindsay. 

Lindsay: I'm the, what 

Ted: the Laurel next to my Hardy 

Lindsay: well, you certainly do like to rest on your laurels, don't you? 

Ted: Yeah, I do. 

Lindsay: Yeah. 

Ted: Anyway, this is, this is you'd already know what to do.

This is where we talk about our adventures. Adventures of Broadway and Hollywood. And we talk about, well, what it's like to be autistic. 

Lindsay: . We have a very special episode today because, , we're gonna talk about a big adventure that we went on.

Ted: Yes, we do. 

Lindsay: Which combines all of the things that we usually talk about.

Ted: All right. 

 All right. The other day we went to Disney world, which is quite amazing. 

Lindsay: Da da. Yes we did.

Ted: We took my mom and we, and we took Lindsey. We took the American, airlines all the way out to, Orlando, Florida. We saw Walt Disney World. Our first day we started out by going to the magic kingdom at Walt Disney world.

Our first stop with the Haunted mansion. My first thought was acting just to get over with and all that. 

Lindsay: Were you scared? 

Ted: Oh, it was more like watching a show. I kept my eyes open the whole time and ears open this time. Cause I felt I could handle it. 

Lindsay: What year was the first time you went to Disney world?

Ted: We went there in 1978 

Lindsay: mm-hmm 

Ted: and I, I was scared of the haunted mansion. I was six at the time. And then, yeah, 

Lindsay: I was so scared that I didn't even go in. I sat on a wall and waited for you guys because I was so scared. 

Ted: Yeah. And then, then, I was about about six years old.

Lindsay: You were six and I was eight. 

Ted: Yep. The second time we went in 1984, we were teenagers at the time it was a lot more more, more better now. They had Epcot. 

Lindsay: Yep. And now disney has been around for how long? 

Ted: 50 years

Lindsay: Tell me more about that. 

Ted: 50th anniversary was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Wal Disney world. The main cartoon characters there. Lot fireworks and all that a lot of music and all that. 

Lindsay: Mm-hmm, 

Ted: the place had totally changed since the days from 1960s

Lindsay: mm-hmm 

Ted: and we saw the Roy disney statue and all that 

Lindsay: mm-hmm 

Ted: it was more high tech and all that. 

Lindsay: Mm-hmm, 

Ted: a lot amazing, a lot more animatronics a lot more better the whole place. had changed since then.

Lindsay: And how was the weather while we were there, Ted? 

Ted: Oh, it was hot. 

Lindsay: How hot was it? 

Ted: So, so hot scorching we had to drink a lot of water and we had to constantly find shade. We're constantly fighting for shade and all that. It was pretty crazy. And all that. First day, we went to walk to the haunted mansion. I kept my eyes ears open this time, cause I felt I could handle it that now. It had no jump scares this time. More like watching a show. We used to Disability access system. It's the same amount of time. If you were a standing in line, cause you use that time to prattle a little, get drink of water, go, go to the bathroom. Um, handle the pace a bit. Yeah. I recommended it for anyone with autism and all that.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Ted: And for people with special needs. 

Lindsay: So with the disability access pass, what did we have to do to get the Disability Access system? 

Ted: We waited at the chamber of commerce for a while. 

Lindsay: Mm-hmm 

Ted: and there were some other people there, there was one guy, I think he had a kid with autism and all that.

Lindsay: Mm-hmm 

Ted: and a couple people wheelchairs and all that and scooters

Lindsay: mm-hmm . 

Ted: And we went in, I, I waited, They asked if I could handle lines, all that. And Lindsey felt I couldn't handle lines, all that. So basically,

Lindsay: well, it wasn't that I felt like you couldn't handle waiting. I just felt that you couldn't handle waiting in a specific spot.

Ted: Oh, that's more like it, yeah. 

Lindsay: There's a certain way that you have to behave when you're in line. and I felt like that was too much for you.

Ted: I know.

Lindsay: How do you get when you stand for long periods of time?

Ted: I get very jittery. Oh, we saw the Pirates of the Caribbean ride have been updated to appeal with today's audiences. It had a female pirate. I think I saw captain Jack sparrow with it and been updated to include captain jack sparrow on it. It didn't have pirates shooting at gun barrels and all that, but it had captain Jack sparrow at the end. He was drinking. , it was in a treasure room. and singing. We also saw the jungle cruise and all that. And been more updated, all that. There were no scary hippos. no attacking alligators. We saw the temple and all that. We had to be absolutely quiet there. And then we saw some tigers and some ancient treasures. 

Lindsay: The temple is my favorite part. I still have, I still have dreams about it. 

Ted: There was no Trader Sam, this time. Apparently 

Lindsay: What did they have instead of trader Sam? 

Ted: Some, some of his novelties. Trader Sam was a poor depict picture of indigenous people. We saw the Tiki room and all that. A lot of the birds been been updated. We saw the flowers and all that singing and the Tiki they were singing we saw the carousel of progress and all that.

Lindsay: You love the carousel of progress don't you? 

Ted: Yep. We didn't see, see if you had wings. I think they got rid of that.

Lindsay: This is Ted and Lindsay from the future, because we realized that there was something very important that we left out. Ted, tell everybody about the, if you had wings ride, which is no longer at Walt Disney world, 

Ted: if you had wings was a ride back in the 1970s, it was sponsored by Delta airlines and by Eastern airlines, basically it was like you were sitting in a big egg shell and all that.

It felt we were going fast basically, but basically we going slow. They were all these projector, screens all around you and all that saw many things about the ride sponsored and all that. A lot of things that Delta airline went to and all that Jamaica, Puerto Rico to New England and New Orleans, lot of things that Eastern United States, it had a, had a scuba diving scene, mariachi band scene.

This one scene where there was a Fisherman posing next to a fish, but the fish kept shrinking and growing. There was a comical traffic scene where the scene turn to flamingos and then to traffic back to flamingos, then to traffic again, there was a, the Jamaican police officer directing it then was the New Orleans were saw. saw a jazz band and all that playing, of all things celebrating, Mardi Gras, and then a speed room where it felt like going fast and all that felt like going fast, just then felt the part we felt like we were flying and the end, the scene turned to birds into plane and all that and said, you can have wings, you will have wings we're Eastern airlines we'll be your wings. And then you disembarked and all that. 

Lindsay: I can't remember Ted. It was either Delta or Eastern, but I 

Ted: Eastern. 

Lindsay: Okay. If you say so I believe you 

Ted: and had this great music point of the variety thing. If you have wings, if you have wings, if you have wings, have wings have wings. If you have wings, if you have wings, if you have wings, have wings have wings. 

Lindsay: It was a pretty trippy ride. Wasn't it? 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: How many times did we go on that ride? Ted 

Ted: seven or eight. 

Lindsay: Gotcha.

Lindsay: Yeah. If you had wings was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of fun for 1976. 

Ted: Yeah, I know. 

Lindsay: There was another ride that we went on. in the magic kingdom in fantasy land, 

Ted: seven dwarfs mine train. It was like a roller coaster. I saw Philhar magic. It was, Donald duck was trying to get back the magic hat and all. 

Lindsay: He was conducting a concert. Right. 

Ted: He had all, everything got out of control and all that was all this, when all that 3d effects and the end, he ended up, um, lodged in back.

Lindsay: Mm-hmm he ended up what 

Ted: lodged in the back 

Lindsay: with his feet sticking out. 

Ted: Yeah.

Lindsay: That was pretty funny. Wasn't it? I really enjoyed that. So that was our magic kingdom day. 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: what's next, Ted? 

Ted: Epcot? Uh, Epcot was, was amazing. We got there early and all that. We let mom sleep for, for morning. So we got there early and then we, our first stop we, we got into the Seas exhibit. Basically. They totally changed it from an informative ride we saw a lot of fish from finding Nemo and all that original fish and all that . And then after the ride was over, went to the main area we saw the, we saw the more fish and all that. We saw the area where the keep the big tanks and all that and I was bummed. I couldn't go and actually go dive in the tanks. 

Lindsay: Do you really wanna go dive in the tanks with the. sharks

Ted: maybe 

Lindsay: that might be fun. 

Ted: I'm not saying I dislike sharks. Every now and then its cool to swim with the sharks. sea otters have more fun. And they get more inolved, 

Lindsay: you really love scuba diving. Don't you?

Ted: Yeah. 

Lindsay: You had a very high priority that morning. And what was that very high priority. 

Ted: Journey into imagination. I wanted to see figment. We went in, we saw lot the high tech stuff and all that lot bric-a brac and all that. 

Lindsay: So was the ride like you remember it? 

Ted: No It was different. 

Lindsay: Mm-hmm what was different about it? 

Ted: It was more like a science lab rather than a rather romp through imagination. , 

Lindsay: it was more like a science lab rather than a what 

Ted: magical romp through the imagination?

Lindsay: Well, I think it was a magical romp through the imagination because what happened that changed it. What happened? That changed it when it was a science lab? 

Ted: Well, figment got out.

Lindsay: And what did figment do?

Ted: He caused lot of chaos. . Eric Idle played the scientists and all that. .we saw a lot of imaginative stuff. We saw things upside down all that we.tried, It was, we see, we saw all the, it was more like a science lab and less like a romp through imagination that it was no professor dream finder. Eric Idle was the scientist, and, and it was least they kept Figment 

Lindsay: what other rides did we what other rides did we go on at that point? 

Ted: At least they kept figment, we saw mission space ride. It was where horizons used. to be. And we did not, not heed the warnings. Our first thought was they invited us to go the, for a spin around the earth, but we were warriors all that.

We had to try, try the mission on , to Mars, 

Lindsay: and they warned us.

Ted: They warned us. They told us, you could get queasy and all 

Lindsay: yeah. It was very intense. Wasn't it? 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: So you feel like you're going on a mission to Mars? 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: And how does it feel when you're inside the ride? 

Ted: You can actually feel the pressure of going to space and all that. I feel the pain and all that. I do feel like you're being pressured, like a pressure cooker. , actually I'd be pressed in and you had press buttons, all that, where to go and the joystick and all that. It wasn't like in sci-fi movies and all that.

Lindsay: It shows you how much strength you have to have to be an astronaut. Right? 

Ted: Wow. . Yeah. Incredibly strong limber as a lumberjack and all that. They were wrong, so wrong. 

Lindsay: No, we were wrong. We were so wrong.

Ted: I know

Lindsay: we were so wrong about what we could handle.

Ted: Space seems to be a very eerie place to be we, we saw the frozen ever after ride, we saw the frozen ever after ride. We saw little museum of Norse history and all that. You said, Ted, you have to be involved in your Norse history and all that 

Lindsay: because you are 

Ted: a Viking. 

Lindsay: Yes, you are Danish. You have Danish hair. 

Ted: Yep. I am truly descended from Erik the Red, and Norse, Norse seamen.

Lindsay: Really

Ted: well. 

Lindsay: Is that, is that a fact? 

Ted: Well, well, something like that, 

Lindsay: we wish it was true. Right. But you, you are a Viking. 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: I can tell you're a Viking. 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: You look like a Viking. 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: And you smell like one, too .

Ted: (Ted giggling) 

Lindsay: anyway, what else, Ted. So what, what else was interesting about, about Norway? 

Ted: We, we saw the frozen ever after ride went inside we saw, we saw all the animatronics from frozen, all that 

And we saw Anna and Elsa so, it's like it was like a camera inside the head that was projected in the screen. So Elsa also seemed going all that. We went down backwards and around. We saw the snow monster, 

Lindsay: No spoilers. In case there are people who still haven't seen it.

Ted: Right. 

Lindsay: Who do you know that still has not seen frozen 

Ted: you? 

Lindsay: Yeah, I still haven't seen it. Should we watch it? 

Ted: Maybe. 

And, and we saw the Mexican ride. 

Lindsay: So, what do you remember from 1984 when you rode the Mexican 

Ted: Origianally the ride was called Le Rio de Tiempo which means the river of time originally. I had a lot of things, Mexican history and all that. But they changed it called the Fiesta ride, had the three Caballereos. It had Donald and his nephews 

Lindsay: and his nephews or his who were the other. 

Ted: the rooster, the parrot. They were trying to get, or Donald to the party, but he kept falling around here, there, and all that falling up and down. Cliff diving, falling around around, but then they caught up with him. They went to, went to the Fiesta. It's a little like if you have wings, it's a small world, three Cabelleros, Coco and basically it's all worth. seeing 

Lindsay: Yeah. It shows you how beautiful Mexico is. 

Ted: Yep. Yeah. And we had, we went on the Ratatoullie. 

It was amazing. They had a lot of CGI screens and all that. , probably movie screens basically are , like being inside a mouse. It's lot of heat and lot of heat. Lot of air air blows in, your faces eat strange, cooking smells started being chased by a man with brooms and all that.

Lindsay: Did we wear, was that one of the rides where we wore 3d glasses? 

Ted: Yes.

Lindsay: That was a lot of fun. And then Ted, what happened after the, , after we got off the ride, what happened with the weather?

Ted: It started to rain and we got all wet 

Lindsay: oh, did we get wet? 

Ted: Oh, we got soaked you know, mom was not having it. 

Lindsay: Yeah. But did we have a choice? 

Ted: No, no. Face it. What choice do we have? 

Lindsay: so what did we do? 

Ted: We walked back to the hotel. We, we went to the hotel dried off we slept all night.

Lindsay: One of the things that I thought was interesting that happened while we were walking back to the bus was, , there was a young lady who was having a panic attack and she was there with her partner who was taking care of her. , and. , her partner had their arm around her and was saying soothing things to her so they could keep walking. And on each side of them, there were two dogs. What did you notice about the dogs? 

Ted: they were trying to keep her calm. 

Lindsay: Yeah. The dogs were walking right on each side of her with no leashes.

Ted: Wow.

Lindsay: They were very, very good dogs. Yeah. So anyway, we got soaked. 

Ted: We stayed at the, at the jambo house at the Animal kingdom lodge. We got to see animals all outside our window every single day it was like be African savannah and the next day we went to Hollywood studios. it's like being in mid century hollywood 

Lindsay: actually. Well, Wednesday was our relaxing day. 

Ted: Wednesday was a relaxing day. And we relaxed a bit. We went down to the pool we had lunch at the, 

Lindsay: at the samba at the Savannah restaurant. 

Ted: Yeah. It was very delicious, like African and Indian food.

Lindsay: Yep. What was your favorite flavor out of the whole thing?

Ted: I like the lentils. I like the Indian food and the, and the curry , 

Lindsay: I'm really impressed because I think this time, a few years ago, you had very little interest in Mediterranean and Indian food. 

Ted: Mm-hm. 

Lindsay: And now, if you're given a choice, you'll pick Indian food sometimes. . I think we need to try some more north African dishes because you like them. 

Cause you. You sure were putting food away at lunch? , so the next day we went to Hollywood studios, 

Ted: it was like being in mid-century Hollywood around the 1940s. It was quite anything basically saw, well, when we first got in with whole lot big band song of you got a friend in me, lot, of big band versions of Disney songs. We went in, signed in. We showed our magic bands.

Lindsay: How did you feel about the magic band Ted 

Ted: Real Amazing 

Lindsay: I know that you don't like to wear things around your wrist. Like you don't like wearing a watch or wearing a Fitbit or anything like that. And at first you really resisted the magic band, but what do you think about it now?

Ted: I think it's amazing. 

Lindsay: How is, what, what is it that makes it amazing? 

Ted: It's like a magic wand it lets you into the ride and all that. Our first stop was Muppet studios. 

Lindsay: Yes. We're onto our Muppet news portion of the event. So tell us about the Muppet ride Muppets in 3d. Tell us all about it. 

Ted: Basically. It was the last movie that Jim Henson did , before his death and all that basically before he died by Frank Oz swore he would finish the film the way Jim Henson saw it was like a 3d movie had animatronics explosions, lights, big round, I think was a guy dress like Sweetums in the audience. 

Lindsay: Sweetums was great. What, what animatronics did you see? 

Ted: Statler Waldorf and Bean the bunny. 

Lindsay: and who was, and who was playing the music in the front 

Ted: penguins? 

Lindsay: Yep. That a penguin orchestra. What, what I really liked about the Muppets 3d is the fact that it was the Muppets themselves making the 3d effects. Like the Muppets were doing things like Gonzo was putting the, the word 3d on a stick, through a sign for the. audience and, Fozzie had a pie. And there were a lot of things going on and there were practical effects. So basically the, the Muppet teer is controlling the, the Muppet who is controlling the 3d effect. 

Ted: Mind blown. 

Lindsay: Now, you know how difficult it is to operate a puppet. Anyway, right? Now imagine a puppet operating another thing. That's doing something else. That's pretty crazy, huh? 

Ted: Wow. 

Lindsay: Yeah. So what else did you think about that? 

Ted: I thought it was very well done. Amazing. I recommend anyone to see it. I was overwhelmed. I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa. 

Lindsay: And what was the first thing you saw when we came back outside again? 

Ted: Giant Kermit and . Pizza Rizzo and all that. 

Lindsay: Mm-hmm Rizzo's pizza restaurant. And Gonzo's Royal flush. Yeah, the bathrooms. They were great. Weren't they? 

Ted: I knew originally gonzo. Was a plumber. 

Lindsay: Of course he was with a nose like that. Yep. He truly understands a U-bend 

Ted: yep. And we saw the it's a wonderful life Christmas shop. 

Lindsay: Yeah, it was closed though. And the Muppet gift shop was closed, which was sort of a bummer. They have a big Plaza out there. That's oh, what was in the, what was in the Plaza in front of the Muppet 3d theater? 

Ted: A statue of miss piggy. 

Lindsay: Yep. There was a fountain with the statue of miss piggy dressed as the 

Ted: statue of Liberty ,

Lindsay: it just seemed like a really underutilized space. Like if, I don't know, I think they should have had, um, a food truck, a Swedish chef food truck.

Ted: Yeah. A guy dress like the Swedish chef, uh, serving the food. 

Lindsay: Could you imagine if they had a Swedish chef food truck with, you know, the tables with umbrellas and stuff, but if they had a Swedish chef food truck that. Swedish music or played Muppet like a Muppet style, Swedish music. You know what they could have in that big Plaza, Ted, it was just empty. You know what they could have though? 

Ted: What

Lindsay: an electric mayhem bus. 

Ted: Wow. 

Lindsay: Imagine that. What do you think that would be like if they had an electric mayhem bus for a food truck?

Ted: Yeah, they, they have. Some, electric mayhem guys playing. I felt the could do more with the place, right.. I felt the, what I felt like the could do more with the place.

Lindsay: Yeah. 

Ted: After that, we, crossed over, we saw Mickey's run away. Railway. Mickey's railway, like actually be an actual living cartoon like being a living cartoon saw 

Lindsay: what did they do to make it like you're in a living cartoon 

Ted: basically was all well twists and turns and all that cool animatronics

Lindsay: so what, what was new about the animatronics this time? 

Ted: They have animatronics. They have projectors that inside the heads that made them move.

Lindsay: Yeah. Like the Elsa, animatronics. . 

Ted: Yeah. Basically it's like twists and turns and all that. the train came apart and all that, like being twists and turn all that. like you were on a roller coaster. like being in a actual living cartoon like a media twists and turns of all that.

Lindsay: Mm-hmm what. was The big piece de resistance ride that we did

Ted: the tower of terror (shudders) 

Lindsay: ( laughing) 

Ted: Well I did it for you 

Lindsay: for me. Well, you did it for yourself, Ted Harris. Nobody loves a scary ride like you. . But you and I both like scary rides with a story. Yeah. We don't like, I hate jump scares. How do you feel about jump scares?

Ted: I could handle it. 

Lindsay: yeah. You seem to thrive on them. 

Ted: Well, we went inside, we went up up the hill, into the lobby. Saw people waiting and all that. Basibally a lot of the architecture was very well done and all that. 

Lindsay: What did it remind you of, 

Ted: like I called abandoned hotel lobby from back of the day. 

Basically we went inside I think they did a movie like that one time in, in 2000. Well was Steve Guttenberg and Kristen Dunst 

Lindsay: with Steve Guttenberg and Kristen dunst.

Ted: Yes, they did. They did one with Steve Guttenberg and Kristen Dunst. 

Lindsay: What movie was it? 

Ted: Disney's Tower Of Terror. It was 

a Halloween. It was a Halloween movie for magical world Disney thing, uh, 

of the Disney.

Lindsay: I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me 

Ted: it was a Halloween movie. Yeah. And we went inside. First, we went to the, to, to the library area and rod serling greeted us and all that, and saw we were entering into the tower of terror and all that, the twilight zone the panel open, went through through the appeared to be the basement.

Lindsay: What was most memorable about the tower of terror ride? 

Ted: Well, we drop like a stone, try to imagine dropping down rapid height and popping back up and then dropping down rapid height, you know, screaming, screaming all's below is asphalt and concrete. Wow. Yeah. 

Lindsay: Yeah. 

Ted: I thought, ah, we're gonna die. And then, then, and then the ride stops all that. When think it's all over then the, the attendant come out says. Did you enjoy your ride? Yeah, I thought, no, 

Lindsay: you did enjoy your ride, Ted. You're smiling right now. 

Ted: Oh yeah. 

Lindsay: You are smiling from ear to ear 

Ted: (snickering evilly) um, so we found mom, we had lunch.

Lindsay: And then in the evening, what did we do? 

Ted: We went back to back to Hollywood studios we went back to the Hollywood studios. We had had dinner at the 50 50 style restaurant. This is like being a 50 sitcom family sitcom. . Yep. . All the waiters dressed like a, the quaint American 1950s family and all that. After that, after dinner, we went to star wars land and all that. Our, we, we got lost. Then we went, found the right ride , which is rise, of the resistance, but went in, it was like, so like being in the actual star wars. Basically? It was like good versus evil and all that. 

Lindsay: What was most memorable about it? 

Ted: Um, when, when the rebel saved us, 

Lindsay: Wait a minute. What about, what about spoilers? Should we not spoil it for people who haven't been on it yet? 

Ted: Okay. Yeah. But definitely I recommend you try it all that , it's all worth it. And. And then the fourth day, , we went to the animal kingdom we actually saw a lot of dinosaurs and all. It's a lot of jump scares and all that actual dinosaurs and all that. 

Lindsay: And Ted remember when we were on the bus, coming back from Epcot in the morning, and you had a conversation with that guy who, what did he tell you about the di there was a ride that you used to really like at Epcot?

Ted: Oh, the universe of energy 

Lindsay: and what did the universe of energy have?. 

Ted: dinosaurs. 

Lindsay: Right. And you were talking with the guy and who was the guy on the bus? 

Ted: I don't remember his name. 

Lindsay: Well, he didn't tell us his name, but who, what did he tell us that he used to do for Disney? 

Ted: He used, used to be a imagineer for disney.

Lindsay: Yeah. And he worked on that ride. 

Ted: Wow. 

Lindsay: Yeah. Remember. And he told you all about how hard it was. 

Ted: Well, the animatronics. Actually, they moved all the dinosaurs to the dinosaur thing. At, at the Animal kingdom. 

Lindsay: Right? Exactly. So what, what was most memorable about the dinosaur ride? 

Ted: Mm, we saw an iguanadon and it' like being travel in time, going shaky and shaky round, round, round shaky. 

Lindsay: I was sincerely afraid that my glasses were going to fall off 

Ted: wow. I was shaking I was gonna get shaken out..

Lindsay: Yeah. But it was fun. 

Ted: Yeah. Then after that we saw the Kai, well, 

Lindsay: it was the Kali Kai river rapids. And that one we could take mom on. 

Ted: Yep. Yeah. It was like riding a rapid we got all wet. I recommend you ride that ride wearing swimsuit or at least raincoat. 

Lindsay: I think you should be prepared to get wet yep. On that ride. And they told us, 

Ted: yep. We also saw Everest and all that. 

Lindsay: We saw, , expedition, Everest. 

Ted: And well, my first thought was to go on, but then I saw how long I was. I realized I just was not worth it. 

Lindsay: Well, Ted, you had you. the disability access pass. And we walked up to the cast member to check in you at the last second, what, you know, you could see the mountain and we looked at it. . And what did you say? 

Ted: Well, I said it's definitely not worth it. Well, I might, I might would have rode if I, oh, I've been too scared.

Lindsay: Okay. That's fair.

Ted: Mm-hmm 

Lindsay: so I said, all right, I'm not gonna make you do it. If you think it's too scary. We missed out on the gorilla safari. 

Ted: Lindsay wanted to see the art animation, all that, but 

Lindsay: they had a thing in up at the far end of the, of the animal kingdom, where you can take a, take a 25 minute drawing class with a Disney animator. And I was really excited about that, but we were so tired that we couldn't tell on the map that there was a train to get there, which would've been fun, but, we thought we would have to walk a mile to get there. So we said, no, we're too tired. 

Ted: We, I really were really worked hard to keep it together. Smiling. 

Lindsay: You did, you worked so hard because I noticed that every day you were focused, you were. in charge of your behavior. You didn't talk to yourself very much. . Compared to the usual, and you were focused on your surroundings and you were having appropriate conversations with us, but then when we would get back to the room, you would write in your journal a whole lot about how you really felt

Ted: mm-hmm 

Lindsay: and you were, we offered you ear cover. We offered you earplugs, you said, no, I don't want them. We offered you sunglasses. You said no, we offered you a sun hat. You said no. Um, I offered to buy you a cooling towel. You said? No. And you said, I don't want any of these extra accommodations. I don't know why. , 

Ted: I was just trying to tough it out for you, 

Lindsay: okay, Ted, you don't have to tough it. 

Ted: The scooters and strollers are like the battle vechicles of the thunder dome, like mad max beyond thunder dome. 

Lindsay: They were pretty nuts. Weren't they? 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: Yeah, it was very tough, but you worked really, really hard. You were masking a lot. Do you know what masking what's masking, Ted

Ted: try to be try to be as normal as possible. Try to act like it doesn't hurt, but it did hurt 

Lindsay: It's really exhausting. Isn't it? 

Ted: I almost lied and I said, I wasn't hurting.

Lindsay: Where did it hurt you, physically? 

Ted: Well, basically had to wear proper shoes, socks, something for blisters aspirin, ibuprofen plenty of water. Basically all everyone there was basically was wearing, had zero need for clothes. 

Lindsay: Can you tell me a little bit more about that? Ted? 

Ted: A lot of people were just, just were wearing. It's like burning man 

Lindsay: oh my gosh, Ted, don't say that . 

Ted: Oh. 

Lindsay: But it is like burning man in a lot of ways because people are wearing as little as possible. And, but they're also dressed in a very festive way. They've all got their ears on and they're matching t-shirts and their Disney stuff and they' 

Ted: some were wearing costumes. 

Lindsay: Yep. 

Ted: All that had their Disney swag and all that. 

Lindsay: Yeah. We saw a girl who was in an all pink. Pirate outfit with a sort of a, a Lolita dress, and, uh, she had big blonde, fluffy hair and a, she had the, the red pirate hat.

Ted: I saw another Muppet fan. She was, she had a Kermit shirt on, she had Kermit things in her head. She had Kermit socks. She saw my Emmett Otter shirt and she wanted to know where she could get one and all that. I told her maybe online 

Lindsay: Yeah, the, you wore your Emmett Otter shirt that I got you for Christmas. 

Ted: Yep. I still have it. 

Lindsay: Yep. It's a good shirt. You look great in it cause it's blue. How do you think you would've managed. If you had waited in the, in the standby line with everybody else?

Ted: I probably would've panicked.

Lindsay: Yeah. What do you think it would've felt like?

Ted: Oh, 

Lindsay: basically

Ted: I feel if our trip were a basketball game the score would be Disney 100 confusion, 98 .

Lindsay: (laughing) So Disney was great. Disney gets an, a. How about what grade does our family get? 

Ted: A C 

Lindsay: a C? Yeah. We were not in good physical shape for this 

Ted: crowds were T were terrifying.

Lindsay: ( laughing) We had one day, the day that we were in EPCOT I clocked over 11 miles on my Fitbit and it was like 95 degrees that day. 

Ted: Wow. 

Lindsay: Yeah. What's the other thing that we wanna say, that's very important about our Disney trip, Ted 

Ted: Kim turner. at Pixie And Pan vacations. We should have followed her advice from the beginning.


Lindsay: Kim sent. A list of good tips for doing well at Disney world and being happy and comfortable at Disney world. And I thought, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll bring a box of bandaids. It'll be fine. She sent us this comprehensive list of all the things that you need to do to make sure that you're safe and that you're comfortable and that you're happy.

The first day we were in so much pain from all the walking. We're just not used to that. On a scale of one to 10 Ted, how much were we hurting?

Ted: A lot. 

Lindsay: Yeah. None of us brought enough socks. I think you need two pairs of socks a day on a hot day like that. 

Ted: Yeah, 

Lindsay: because your socks get sweaty and when your socks get sweaty, your blisters get worse. So, if you are planning a Disney vacation, you need to contact Kim Turner at pixie and pan vacations and accept no substitutes. She's brilliant. She's efficient. She's great. She is compassionate and she's very sensitive to the needs of people who have autism.

 We'll put a link to her business in the show notes. It's and pan. 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: So this episode is a big hodpodge, but we did cover entertainment, Muppets and autism.

Ted: Yeah. Oh, by the way, we saved the best for last. We have a dog, her name is, Simone, she is a Siberian Husky. I love her a lot 

Lindsay: so how did we find out that we got a dog Ted? 

Ted: Vince went to the animal shutter and, and signed, filled out application for a dog said, can we have, can you take this dog right away? So, but, Vince was reluctant to do that. 

Lindsay: He needed to go buy her a dog bed and a leash and food and all that stuff, right so what happened when we came home, Ted, 

Ted: we were surprised with the dog and Vince basically the dog went, right up to Lindsey, and smelled her and all that sort of realized she was alright. Then she smelled me and all that then. she went up to me and said ha-ha-ha! She jumped right put her front paws right on my chest and began licking my face

Lindsay: awwww and then what happened in the car on the way home? 

Ted: She, she sat right by me. 

Lindsay: She put her head in your lap and fell asleep. 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: Because she was so happy to see you.

Ted: All right. 

Lindsay: When you're lying on the couch, what does Simone do? 

Ted: She goes up to me. She definitely kinda snuggles next to me. 

She likes to play tug tug 

Lindsay: what's tug tug. 

Ted: It's a tug toy. It's like a, a toy monkey lot with things at the end. 

Lindsay: Yeah. 

Ted: She puts her mouth like she does tug tug tug we like to go for walks and all that. We'd take her to the dog park. she plays the other dogs and all that. I sing songs to her. She lo- you know, she loves Stevie Wonder.

Lindsay: Does she really, how did you know that? How did you figure that out 

Ted: at, I figured so,

Lindsay: I noticed that you sing, you are the sunshine of my life to her.

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: so in fact, Simone's sitting here right now being surprisingly quiet 

Ted: mm-hmm 

Lindsay: so this episode is a big hodgepodge and it's much longer than usual. We are going to have to do a lot of editing to make this sound good. Right Ted? 

Ted: I know.

Lindsay: We want to say a big thank you because what happened last night, Ted?

Ted: I got a lot of reviews that are good. 

Lindsay: We got great reviews from Tommy, Bobby, Jacqueline and Donna. They told us specifically what was most memorable about our episodes, and what they appreciated about it and what they wanted to do with the information. Right, Ted? 


Yep. So now they're inspired to go have adventures of their own because of our adventures. 

Ted: Yep. 

Lindsay: Yeah. So, Ted, is there anything else that you want to talk about today?

Ted: . Well, that's it for our episode of life, the Ted lane, if you like, what you see, tell people you like, people you hate, all people of this planet about our shows 

Lindsay: Where can people review our shows? 

Ted: You can see us at, or write a review of our show at, or apple podcast.

Or visit us at and write the review. You also see our YouTube videos at search Ted Harris puppets my videos should come up or check your public access channels. So that's it for now? 

Lindsay: Ted. Are you really on public access channels? 

Ted: No.

Lindsay: Okay. 

Ted: Help us to further adventures to all that. Remember to see us anytime. Bye.